Thursday, December 6, 2012

Host a Tupperware Party!

Love Tupperware?? Most of us do! 
Did you know that you can have online parties? Sure can! It's simple, fun and easy! 
You can book your online party for 2 weeks. Send your party link to friends emails, post on Facebook, give to your friends at work! You earn free, 1/2 price and hostess items. 
Visit my site to see how you can host a party today!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Celebrating Home 2012 Last Chance Sale

It's ON!! Our Celebrating Home Last Chance Sale! And an awesome one it is too! 

13 pages of everything from candles, floral, Christmas and Fall decorating, to our Tuscan Bean pot and more! 

Sale starts Dec 7th, so PRE-ORDER NOW! These will go FAST.. If you want great candles at $4 You'll need to order early!!

Download our flyer and leave a message here on our blog!

Celebrating Home Last Chance Sale 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tupperware Sale Just In Time For Christmas!

Ready for more great Tupperware sales!
Sale is good till December 14,2012.
Mix-n-pour pitcher just $16,
Spatula $12,
Sugar & Creamer only $11,
And our famous Salt & Pepper shakers with Butter Dish ONLY $17!!

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Affordable Gifts at Tupperware

Need more great sales??

Well, here it is from Tupperware!
Microwave cooker sets, cook everything from pasta to omelets $24,
cute kids lunch sets starting at $11!
Can opener only $21
Prep Essentials Snack-store container.. awesome deal for only $12!
Sale good till December 14, 2012

See all these great deals at

Bath Gel, Bath Oil and Lotion

I have these items in stock. These are left from putting them in my sisters store. If you wold like to order, post a comment here or contact me at

Local people - no shipping, If I have to send to you, then I will need address and zip to find the best way to ship.

All bottles are $3.50 each

And they will have the name tags that we used at my sisters store.

3 - 4oz. Lotions 1,IBIZA Hippie, 1-Mediterranean Fig, 1- Bedtime Bath.


2- 4 oz. Bath Oil - 1-Bedtime Bath, 1- IBIZA Hippie


6- 4oz. Bath Gel- 1-IBIZA Hippie, 1-Mediterranean Fig, 1- Bedtime Bath, 1-Sunripe Raspberry, 1- Cucumber Melon, 1- Aroma Moods.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tupperware Lemon Artichoke Pesto

I love Pesto and I love making new Pesto reipes. Here is one that I'm sure you will enjoy!

Lemon Artichoke Pesto.

1/2 cup canned artichoke hearts, drained
3 cloves garlic, peeled
1 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup fresh basil leaves (about 8 large leaves)
1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1/2 tablespoon lemon juice
salt and pepper

Directions: Place the first six ingredients into base of the Chop 'N Prep™ Chef. Replace cover, twist to seal and pull cord 4-5 times to process until coarsely chopped. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Serves 4  
Tupperware Chop 'N Prep™ Chef


Tupperware Pour It On Green Sale!

Is Pink not your color?? ... that's ok, We can Pour It On GREEN then!

Old favorites like our Pastry Mat and Rolling Pin to our NEW Flavor Savor Container - Great for the holidays. And Check out our Sports Bottles.. great for Going Green! Need more info?

Download this flyer to see the sale. Offer good till October 26, 2012
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Tupperware Pour It on GREEN

Tupperware Pour It On Pink Sale

It's Time to POUR IT ON PINK!! Our pink sale that is!

Our 8 pc Thasta bowl set is just $79! That includes 2 of each.. 42 cup, 32 cup, 12 cup and 6 cup bowls with lids or get our Petite Dessert Dishes for only $12! Pink Commuter mug, Hello Kitty Lunch set and more.

Download our flyer to check out the sale! Offer good till October 26, 2012
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Tupperware Pour It on PINK Sale

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Buy Two Candles and get One FREE!

Love candles? Well, Celebrating Home is having an awesome sale!
Buy 2 candles and get 1 Free with every purchase!

Sale offer good till Oct 31, 2012. Download our flyer below
or visit my website at

Celebrating Home 2012 October Candles - buy two get one free

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin and Honey-Oatmeal CP Soap

What's our new soaps that are curing??
Honey and Oatmeal soap. Made with real honey and ground oatmeal. No colors or fragrances.

And our Pumpkin cold processed soap made with real pumpkin puree. It smells awesome!

We have 7 reg bars and 7 mini bars of the Honey Oatmeal
14 bars of the Pumpkin.

All bars will be ready for sale on October 17th. and regular bars sell for $3.50 each. Mini bars $2.50 each.
You can pre-order your bars and when ready, we will ship directly to you. To pre-order, contact me at
info @

Bei Saponi - Beautiful Soap by Patty

Well, it's been some time since I have posted, but with working full time, my dad passing away and just life, I had to set some things aside. But I am happy to announce that I am back home full time, and working on what I love and that's my soaps and bath products along with my Tupperware and Celebrating Home!

One thing I love to do is work on soaps and bath products. To me it is so relaxing and creative. So I have been working on some cold processed soaps and I love it!

All of our soaps are made with Vegetable oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Safflower oil and others. And we use natural pigments for coloring in some of our soaps and Fragrance oils. All of our soaps are made by me and are allowed to cure for 4 weeks before selling.

What's the name of my new business?? Bei Saponi! This is Italian for "Beautiful Soap" and to me each soap is a creation of art.

Some of the fragrances that we have now are
Tropical Oasis
Sea Salt and Lotus Blossom
Cucumber Melon
Sunflower and more.

You can purchase our soaps at

Along with our CP Soaps, we still offer our M&P Goat's Milk Soaps and we'll be adding more bath products soon.

You can also keep up with me on Facebook at
There we will be posting about all the products to come!

It's great being back with you and looking forward to shearing more of things to come!