Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuscan Decorating with Celebrating Home

Ever since HGP (now Celebrating Home) came out with the Tuscan pattern, I have been looking at Tuscan decorating. I love the relaxed feel, the simplicity of things and how warm and inviting it makes you feel. Tuscan decorating gives you a feeling of come in, set down and relax and enjoy the simplicity of our home and food.

To re-create your own Tuscan feel in your kitchen, keep things simple and rustic. Let your walls become a backdrop for your colors you want to bring in. Stick with natural wood furnishings. The more aged look to them, the better. If you have an old table, that’s even better and use simple chairs. That gives a warm and inviting feeling to those who come to dine with you. Use natural elements such as stone, brick and wood.

For your Tuscan color pallet use colors found in nature. Such as the muted yellows to gold and burnt orange. Earth colors of brown and greens. And even using white and blues from the sky. Look closely at the Tuscan pattern that we offer and pull from that color pallet. Using a nice warm tan to muted gold color for your walls. And add texture to your walls and floors. Texture can add depth and natural rustic feel to your kitchen. And add splashes of white. This can be done by adding white curtains with simple lace on the bottom. You’ll want natural soft cotton for your curtains and if you have room for a bench, use heavy cotton for a bench seat cover. Then add a splash of color with a few throws nestled on it. And next to your bench, set several tall terracotta pots and then for that pop of color, add the Tuscan Grande jar filled with flowers.

Set your table with that splash of color on a soft, warm wood table. Use beautiful dark sage green placemats as the backdrop for your dishes. Using a single color will cause your place setting to just burst with color. And when your not using your dinner plates, try hanging them on the wall with plate hangers. This will make a beautiful and bold focal point and add that pop of color.

Decorate your counter or bar using the Tuscan Home Bowl with stand filled with fruits. Or on your hutch or buffet, put out the Tuscan Bean Pot in the wire basket holder for a welcome feel along with the Tuscan Home divided bowl with stand. Just imagine the colors bursting out up against a natural wood, or painted hutch. And try mixing the Tuscan Home with the new Venetian Home collection. With its warm Spice or Parsley colors.

With the Tuscan Home Collection, you’ll be able to pull out warm tones and bursts of color throughout your kitchen and dinning and giving the feeling of come in, relax, and enjoy life with us.

For more decorating ideas on how to create your own Tuscan feel, contact me at and we can work together to create the look and feel that you desire.