Saturday, March 7, 2009

Organize Your Refrigerator

This is a subject that most of us don’t think about, but it can save you time and money when you organize your refrigerator. Food today is a major investment and we have to do all we can to make the most of our food while keeping it fresh and handy. There’s nothing like going for that cheese you forgot all about, just to find it molding. Or you can’t find that jar of pickles and you run to the store for another jar, only to find, if you had moved one thing over, it was right there. Or finding things in the back that we even forgot we had.

So why not organize and keep things handy and in it’s own place. With just a few simple steps you can find what you’re looking for, remember what you have so it doesn’t go to waste and save yourself money.

First things first – Clean out the fridge! Get rid of all that old stuff in there, and stuff you can’t even tell what it is by looking at it.

Second – purchase containers that will help you organize and keep things handy and fresh longer. This can be one of your biggest time savers and save you money. Purchase containers that will do the job. You may have to spend a little more, but when you have good containers they will help your food last longer. It’s worth spending a little more and not having to worry if lids are fitting right, because you don’t want to have an accident when trying to make a lid fit or get one off. ** (just a little tip I found out.. if you put leftovers up right away and in tightly sealed containers, your less likely to have bacteria growing in it because it’s not getting air for it to grow)

Third – group your food in their own sections. Dairy in one section, salad dressings in one section, condiments in another and so on.. Everything has a place and everything in its place. Makes finding what you need easy.

Fourth – clean your refrigerator out every day or every other day. Keeping up with it often will help you save time and food. Like heating up leftovers before they do go bad. Or finding those 3 half filled bags of cheese.

Fifth – do your grocery shopping around a menu if you can. This way you can see what you have in your fridge and purchase accordingly. This will save on your grocery bill because your not double buying things.

Sixth - put your leftovers in ready to heat-n-serve containers. This way all you have to do is take them out, pop them in the microwave and it's ready. This saves you time as you don't have extra bowls and such to wash.

Keeping your fridge organized also helps your little ones or your spouse. Things will be easy for them to find and they will know where it goes when putting things back in. For your little ones, try putting all their little juices or jello/pudding cups in a container. Then they know to go to that and look for what they need. And keep your spouses favorite things in one section so it makes it easier to find. (And as we all know, men’s knees just don’t seem to bend to find those little things in the fridge. so if they know what container to look for, they can find it.)

Save yourself time, food and money and organize your fridge.

Patty Dooley - Independent Tupperware Consultant

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